About Us

Vision Basketball Academy is an AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) youth basketball non-profit organization that serves the youth in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We have boys teams and girls teams in each age division (9 years old and under through High School Varsity).  Many of our games are played locally in the San Francisco Bay area.  However, we also travel to play competitively.  If you have a son or daughter who is interested in learning the game of basketball, gaining experience and competing at a high level, please contact us!

Vision Statement

Vision Basketball Academy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving the youth of the San Francisco Bay Area. We welcome individuals who strive for excellence on and off the basketball court. Vision Basketball Academy’s mission is to provide the youth in our community with a high quality, innovative program that will help develop key fundamental and mental skills needed in basketball and in everyday life. Vision Basketball Academy strongly emphasizes the importance of academic achievement, teamwork, short and long-term goal setting, integrity, character, leadership, a positive work ethic and most importantly a positive attitude.  Our vision is to empower the youth to reach their maximum potential as basketball players today and leaders of the world tomorrow.

For more information contact us at: admin@visionbasketball.org



Vision (Castro) 9U/10U Boys - Chris Castro

Vision (McArthur) 10U/11U Boys - Matt McArthur / Jason Smith

Vision (Suacillo) 11U Boys - Mike Suacillo

Vision (Castro) 12U Boys - Chris Castro

Vision (Paguia) 12U Boys - Noel Paguia

Vision (Atendido) 10U/11U/12U Girls - Moe Atendido / Jon Robles

Vision (Bermudez) 12U/13U Boys - Ray Bermudez

Vision (Davis) 13U Boys - Roni Davis 

Vision (Martin) 13U Girls - Jon Robles / Nicole Martin

Vision (Pedrosa) 14U Boys - Mel Pedrosa / Arvin Tacorda

Vision (Torres) 14U Boys - Isai Torres 

Vision (Black) 15U Girls - Carl Edwards / Jed Madayag 

Vision (Blue) 15U Girls - Shanell Dickson / Bing Ladrido

Vision (Edwards) 15U Boys - Carl Edwards

Vision (Robles) 16U Boys - Jaelon Robles / Noel Paguia 

Vision (Castro) Fairfield 15U/16U/17U Boys - Chris Castro / Eric Tabernero

Vision Varsity Boys - Jon Robles / Jed Madayag

Vision (Albert-Wong) Varsity Girls - Myisha Albert-Wong / Jed Madayag